Encrypted Storage

I got a question here to which I could not find a answer.
Is the storage of a Syncloud device encrpyted?
If not, can storage added and encrpyted?
How about the BitWarden and NextCloud installation. Is those storage encrytped? Or can I assign encrpyted storage?

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Currently disk is not encrypted.

Bitwarden encrypts all data by design.
Nextcloud you can probably enable (need to google)

What is you reason to have disk encrypted?
Is your device not in a safe place or multiple people have access to it physically?

actually the device could be accessed physically by anyone who could get into my flat.
But in general I would like to store my files on an encrypted storage.
I would have expected to have encrypted storage, not only for Syncloud but also for NextCloud.

I want end to end encryption while transfering file, especially when working remotly and I want to ensure that no one except myself can access any data without my permission (if you got hacked, then the security measures are screwed anyway, I know).

Right, as I said you can google how to enable it for Nextcloud.
If end to end means transfer is secure between you and your device across the internet than this is done currently by default using https protocol between your phone and the device for example.