Cannot access server due to ERR_CERT_COMMON_NAME_INVALID

Since last couple of days I have been getting following error when I try to access my Syncloud server:

“Your connection is not private
Attackers might be trying to steal your information from <my_user_name> (for example, passwords, messages, or credit cards). Learn more

I believe this started after certificate update. I remember getting a message to accept a new certificate and since then I cannot access the Syncloud with the above error from the browser.

I can still SSH to the server but not sure what to do in order to fix or debug this issue. Any help will be greatly appreciated.



Hopefully you did not miss notification emails about the unfortunate move away from the free model to subscription based model, as I cannot cover the service cost anymore (it was never free to me).

If you are not subscribed please subscribe and then reactivate the device with the same name as before.

If you are subscribed please send an email to our support with your account email so I can check.

Sorry for the unexpected change.

Thanks Boris for the quick reply. Yes, the subscription was the issue. I have missed the notification, sorry, facepalm. :frowning: After subscribing and re-registering the device seems all is back to normal.

Boris, I see there is an option to use own personal domain for the Syncloud service. 1. can I use domain that is also used for other service (i.e. Tutanota email)? 2. Would the subscription price be the same if I use own domain?


  1. can I use domain that is also used for other service (i.e. Tutanota email)?

As I know mail provider would want you to prove that you own the domain name by adding additional dns records (which is not automated at the moment), we had an experiment recently with a personal domain: DNS Records TXT

I think there are multiple options:

  1. Your domain + 3rd party Mail UI/Server
  2. Your domain, Mail UI + 3rd party smtp server (no spam issue)
  3. Your domain, Mail UI, send directly (spam issue) (current Syncloud Mail)
  1. Would the subscription price be the same if I use own domain?

Price is the the same.

I too did not receive any notification that the free model was ending. This needed better communication. I am comfortable supporting development and have subscribed to premium even though I didn’t use any premium features. The platform and support have been great but this topic is how I’ve found out about the changes.

@Ryan the main notification channel was through the email registered on account, did you get any emails? spam?
Also our telegram channel is the best for instant news/events: Syncloud – Telegram

Oh, I think I get it, you did not receive a notification because you were already on premium subscription. Sorry you are right existing premium subscribers had to be notified about the change as well, but there were so few of them and that is why this whole thing started :man_facepalming:

Nothing through email (used for syncloud account) to indicate that free option was discontinued. Nothing in spam. An email notice to all users of the change would have made sense. Not everyone uses telegram but everyone has signed up with an email account.

Hi Boris,
is there a way for those who cannot cover the cost to access nextcloud or other services (pihole)?
Even if it can be done only form LAN. The truth is that I have data that I cannot access right now!

Than you in advance!


Ok, you are right, in that cace you could edit hosts file on a client machine, some info is here Custom domain · syncloud/platform Wiki · GitHub

if you use something like NextDNS you can also configure a redirect from e.g. to 192.168.X.X
Then you need to accept the certificate error and you can access it from a local machine.