Calibre e book management

Has anyone thought of caliber yet?
i have a lot of ebooks and it would be nice to have this app on syncloud


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I use calibre but it is a desktop app which you download and use, as I know there is no service behind it store books on your device for example.

How do you see Syncloud in this picture?

Hello Boris,
Calibre is also a server thats why I asked.
for a test
user guest
psw syncloud

OMG, this is so cool!
Is it possible to have multiple accounts and read the same book so it can remember on which page each reader is?
Regardless could you create an issue at Issues · syncloud/platform · GitHub

Yes you can create accounts with different permissions, read with the calibre reader or you can use a reader with opds function…
I installed on my linux it works online with NoIP service, but it would be nice to have it like plex in syncloud.
I’m not so an expert with github…do you think I can create an issues without cooperation? I’m not a programmer.

Sure you can, that is a first step to indicate the interest and to know who can actually test when it is ready.