Upgrade system : remove crontab

Hi support,

To day , i upgrade

  1. nextcloud to 24.02 :slight_smile:
  2. system to 1473 version . :slight_smile:

all It works fine.
But i note than the root crontab is removed. :face_exhaling:

It 's a feature or a bug ?


Crontab dependency was removed some time ago as it is difficult to maintain, platform is running its own sheduled tasks like IP updates now so crontab was cleared to remove old tasks.

Do you use root cron? If yes you will have to keep adding them back on every update for now, but I will remove the clean at some point when more people upgade to this version.

Also probably if you need cron it would be nice to have a โ€œcronโ€ app but again either we have more people willing to package it or more premium subscriptions ao I can hire people to do that.

Hi Boris

Ok I recreate the crontab for the moment.
itis ok for me.