Transmission: how to make it autostarting?

Hi Boris,
I have recently (re)installed Transmission. I’m very happy of it. There is only one problem: whenever I restart my Syncloud machine, I need to perform the following command to make it work:

snap restart transmission

I have not been able to find the option to autostart a snap daemon at machine boot. Could you kindly help me?
Thanks in advance


Could you restart your machine and make sure transmission is not working, then send logs from Settings - Support so I can take a look?

Then you can fix it with your workaround while I am checking.

Hi Boris,
sorry for my delay. Log just sent. It should contains these operations:

starting up;
trying to open Transmission web interface.

For your information, after sending you the log I have tried to do the following:

root@syncloud:~# snap start transmission

then I tried again and the web interface opened.

Thanks, ciao


fixing: [transmission] migrate to platform authelia · Issue #707 · syncloud/platform · GitHub

Should be better now, with the fix we are slowly moving towards trully single sign on auth portal on device which will be used by all apps eventually.

Previously it was hosted as part of each app and was not stable and causing this issue.

Let me know if it does not behave better after the update.

updated, launched, working fine. Great job. Thanks a lot