Support of Debian Buster (10)


I am currently in the process of considering whether I can use the Syncloud solution for Bitwarden, PIhole and Nextcloud. At first glance, after a few hours of testing and trying, the solution makes a very well thought out and clean impression for me!

I would be interested to know how the OS Debian support for Syncloud is intended/planned. With the current image for Raspberry PI 64 Bit ARM I have a Debian 10 (Buster). According to the Debian Wiki, support for this version will soon be discontinued and two new LTS versions, Debian 11 and 12, are in the starting blocks.

Is it possible/planned for a running Syncloud platform based on Debian 10 to upgrade to a newer Debian LTS version in the future without starting from scratch?


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Debian buster was used as a bootatrap image. We are not using its package manager to pull any updates anyway. All apps are self contained and bring all their dependencies with them and they are built on various latest versions of distros from debian to alpine. That is why apps are so big, 500m and more. Even kernel is coming from board producers (except amd64 which comes from debian buster).

Very few base packages are installed from buster during the image creation.

For app updates we use Snap and apps do not even see OS libs as they would not work with them anyway.

At the moment there is no way to upgrade base image without a complete OS disk rewrite. But there is no real reason to do that.

What we do is simplicity of a reset as you need it in case of disk failure or other disasters scenarios. That is much much faster and easier than installing Ubuntu or Windows.

In future we may come with another base image based on latest debian or ubuntu or even ubuntu core for transactional OS upgrades.

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Hello Boris,

many thanks for the very detailed and helpful background information.