Replace ODROID HC1 / Upgrade?


I use an older ODROID HC1. I would like to upgrade. What would the best performance upgrade be (ARM only) besides a Pi5 (from the available images).


Odroid HC1 was a good product (arm32), there are more options right now, we sell odroid hc4 (arm64) but they also have a few Intel x86 ones.
x86 (intel/amd) usually is much more powerfull and very expandable (ram, disks) versus arm which is usually very specific configuration but cheaper.

Looking at

the pi 5 ist newest SBC on that list (ARM64).

Just a question:

Can I install the OS on the SD card and use a NVME as hard disk or are there complications with this setup?

Should be perfectly fine, let me know if you do not see your NVMe in Settings - Storage