Question on Upgrading HDD and migrating data

I have an older USB 3tb HDD plugged into my syncloud-h device but thinking of upgrading to either a new USB 5tb HDD or upgrading the 120gb SSD that’s installed to a 4tb SSD. any recommendations on which to update? and also the best way to migrate the data from the old USB 3tb HDD to the new drive.


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Any low level disk copy should work, like dd on linux.

But will need a seperate linux box to copy from one drive to another, I’m assuming the external drives are formatted ext4?

Yes we use ext4 filesystem.

Just to clarify, there two types of disks in Syncloud world:

  1. Internal one for OS and apps, does not really have to be big if you use an external as a storage
  2. External for data, depending on how many files you have in Nextcloud/Plex …

You can copy either of them using low level disk copy tools and you better not do it on a running system, shutdown/detach/copy/attach/boot

when you have two disks attached to another PC (maybe we should add a disk clone app at some point) and clone disks. I guess there many ways and apps to do it.

Low level copy or disk clone tools copy the whole structure partition table, filesystems, data so you do not need to worry apart from extending it later if new disk is bigger than the old one.

For example Live USB Clonezilla (disk to disk clone).

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