Device migration - questions

Hi there,

I would like to buy a new device (64bit) and install syncloud on it. My current device is obviously 32bit. Is it possible to plug the currently used SDD and SD-card into the new device? Or do I have to flash syncloud to the new SD-card?
If I can reuse my old hard disc with data, can I use RAID in the new device by just plugging in a second hard disc?

Internal Memory (SD or disk depending on the device you are getting) will have to be flashed with the specific OS image.

Migration options:

  1. To migrate to external disk to RAID you will need a new disk (or more) as it will be erased during the disk activation and you will have to copy date from the old disk manually.

    You can add more later and they will also be erased before becoming part of the array.

    Other than this the procedure is relatively simple: Device migration · syncloud/platform Wiki · GitHub

  2. Another way is to setup a mirror device, still involves buying new disks but copies the data automatically.

    Mirror setup: Device Mirror · syncloud/platform Wiki · GitHub
    Mirror promote to primary: Device Mirror Promote · syncloud/platform Wiki · GitHub

Thank you. Would you recommend using RAID with syncloud at all? Does it affect performance too much let’s say on an Odroid HC4?

Syncloud default external disk support is using raid (btrfs). When you activate disks in Storage if you have more than one the will be in mirror mode automatically.