PHP OPCache question

In my Nextcloud settings - Security and Setup warnings there’s a message about the OPCache:

  • The PHP OPcache module is not properly configured. See the documentation :arrow_upper_right: for more information.
    • The OPcache interned strings buffer is nearly full. To assure that repeating strings can be effectively cached, it is recommended to apply opcache.interned_strings_buffer to your PHP configuration with a value higher than 8.

is this something specific to my system or is this something that you manage? is it an issue?


I guess it will not hurt to set it to 16 by default.
Do you want to give it a try and create a PR?
Change it here: nextcloud/php.ini at master · syncloud/nextcloud · GitHub

I’ll give it a shot, never tried before. this should be interesting… :slight_smile:

first PR, hope I did it right. do I need to do anything else at this time?

I will push it to the store and let you know asap.

Pushed to the store in v603, please test.

good to go on my end.