Nextcloud 21 vs 20

reading thru the Nextcloud forums it looks like the update to NC21 is a fairly major update. Do you have plans on pushing this update to NC21?

in the meantime, can you push the update to NC20.0.8?



Just pushed 21 to our master channel, do you want to give it a try? (Do not try in prod)


snap refresh nextcloud --channel=master

Also I would like to upgrade php to 8 to get a better performance as they (Nextcloud) say.
Also probably add the new “High Performance Back-end” to the mix.
These are all optional so if it takes more than a few days I will probably push the simple version upgrade.

thanks, i’d love to give NC21 a try, but right now I’m kinda relying on my existing system for a number of things so I can’t do any beta testing at the moment. i’ll have more availability in a month or so (assuming work calms down a bit and I can actually have a life), but no guarantees.


follow on: I’ve been going thru the issues with NC21. I’m personally going to hold off on 21 for now and wait until they fix a few significant issues (just my $.02).

Agree, I think we should always wait for the first patch release at least.

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Version 21.0.1 - April 9 2021… :thinking:

Right, building.
Probably will push in a day or two.

are they fixed right now in 21.0.1?

there’s a bug still in the SMB-share code that is supposed to be fixed in 21.0.2. and they are fixing some PHP8 issues. i’d prefer to wait until .2 is out which is coming soon I think as RC1 is out.

Sure let’s wait for .2

Works for me. .2 is scheduled to be released on/around the 20th.

.2 is out. time to give it a shot?

Building now v21.0.2

:+1: :+1: :+1:

Is not build yet, right?
Im still with Nextcloud 20.0.7, and no “upgrade” appears…

Almost, actually there are few changes and I am trying to fix few validation checks from Nextcloud.

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Released v21
The only check is default phone code, not sure why you cannot set it using UI and have to change the config file. Probably I should ask that question on Nextcloud forum.

I see now is ready for Upgrade…
Version: 210214199
Upgrade v210528234

I suposse that “v210528234” is the Release v21 of Nextcloud
I will try this night the upgrade :crossed_fingers:

It’s been working great for me. Quicker startup, no issues.