Can't configure Nextcloud memcache for transactional file locking

I keep getting the warning in the Nextcloud admin overview that my database has transactional file locking enabled and I should configure memcache to improve performance. I’ve attempted to several times, but the warning still shows (and Nextcloud is still super slow).

I’ve done everything in this guide. However, trying to restart apache gives me the error that the apache2.service is not found. The only other difference is that I modified nextcloud’s config.php with occ and not nano. Any help?

Apps are immutable in Syncloud, so you cannot easily change them.
You will have to build a new version and install, it is like on the phone you cannot start modifying the apps.

I see the warning as well let me try to add redis as it is annoying to have warnings I understand.
It may arrive with the upcoming v28

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Created an issue: [nextcloud] fix transaction lock warning · Issue #698 · syncloud/platform · GitHub

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Ahhhh I see. Hm, is that a trait of them functioning as snaps or specifically of Syncloud?

By build a new version, do you mean install Nextcloud as you would on an ordinary version of Debian? And is that safe to do? I was under the impression that it’s better to stick to the apps included on Syncloud. I’d love to be able to do some more tinkering and learning on Linux, but I’ve been refraining because I don’t want to mess up Syncloud too badly. Maybe I should just do so on my Raspberry Pi…

I meant building a new version of snap.
Do not install the other way on Syncloud device you will break it :slight_smile:

For experiments use other devices like you said.

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I have pushed Nextcloud v28 with redis transaction locking, upgrade and see if it helps.