Nextcloud app recognize node.js error

I installed the recognize application in nextcloud on my rasbery pi 2 and I am getting the error “Could not execute the Node.js binary. You may need to set the path to a working binary manually.” Any advoce onn how to resovle this?

Well I am tempted to say do not use apps that do not bring their dependencies. I think Nextcloud team need to rethink their app architecture where app devs just drop some code and say the rest will be done by someone else.

Ok but what do we do now, in theory I could add some nodejs version this app needs to Nextcloud app, which is not very good as now all Nextcloud users will be downloading 100mb every time not even using this app (which is not a big deal). But also when another app comes with a different version of nodejs requirement it may become a problem.

Ideally there is an independent standalone app like Collabora Office where apps like Nextcloud Office are thin wrappers for it.

So let me think about it :slight_smile:

Understandable, something that patchy doesn’t seem reliable. What I am looking for is a decent replacement to google photos. Something with ai or facial recongnition to sort my photos out.

DigiKam is great for local file management but I want someting more automated.

PhotoPrism looks promising. Would you consider adding it to the App Center?

Ok now we are talking, I am happy I did not have to think about nodejs inside nextcloud :slight_smile:

So this is awesome, go lang, ldap: GitHub - photoprism/photoprism: AI-Powered Photos App for the Decentralized Web 🌈💎✨

I want this myself now, let me try.


Subscribe to this issue to track the progress: Photoprism · Issue #690 · syncloud/platform · GitHub

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Here you go, photoprism is in the store, available only on x64/arm64 devices.
Please start new thread for any photoprism related questions.

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