No disk idling after move to 64bit

I’m a longtime user of Syncloud, recently switched from 32 bit to 64 bit on the same hardware (RPI4 plus external 12Tb WD disk).

When on 32 bit I was having idle disk (no rotation) when syncing was completed by the 2 clients of the Nextcloud app. Rotation was properly restarting when needed by file changes, etc.

Now that I test the 64 bit version, with Nextcloud but no clients connected yet, I see that the disk never goes idle. But only when an internet ethernet connection is active: if I unplug the ethernet cable the disk goes idle after a few minutes.

Just wondering wether there is a reason.



Can you see in top what is happening?
Also you could install tcpdump to see if there are more requests than usual.
With and without the internet using attached screen.

Does this activity stop if you uninstall nextcloud?

I have only Nextcloud + Files installed at the moment, I can try to uninstall and report

Uhm… how to? I’m very unskilled on Linux

Ok if you do not know how to do linux that is ok.
Can you remove nextcloud to make sure it is the source of disk activity?


I backupped and then removed both Nextcloud and Files installations

Then I updated Syncloud to System: 1862 and Installer: 361

Then reinstalled Nextcloud blank: idling was OK

Then restored my Nextcloud backup: idling is now OK

Don’t know why, but now it works properly :slight_smile:

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