Max file size in Nextcloud


I’m not familiar with the snap version of NextCloud - what is the max file set to - and are we able to change it please?

Do you mean this max upload file size?

< 2GB on 32Bit OS-architecture

On 32 bit devices you have this limit, but in 64bit you don’t.

What kind of device do you have?

Hi Boris, im currently testing using the virtualbox 64bit image. image. I have attached an screenshot when I try to sync my files via the client agent.


Is this iphone client?
Can you try to upload this file instead of sync (not sure if it is possible on iphone)
Can you copy this file to a desktop and upload there using a browser or desktop nextcloud client?

Hi Boris,

Its using the windows client (I had already downloaded the files).

I can confirm via the web interface I can upload large files. Thanks for the suggestion. Ill reinstall the client and try via one of my linux desktops.

OK. So, I found that this was selected:
But was not prompting me - I have deselected and trialed with a new large file and it works.

Ill see how I can have the client re-check all the files and see how i go.

Next update, I have forced a sync and now all the files are syncing as they should!

Thanks for your assistance!

Another update - Larger files over 4GB via the nextcloud desktop client do indeed fail.


Works fine when i directly upload from the web interface. i have tried on two Syncloud server with 2 windows machines.

OK, I may have broken this in recent update,

Can you try this:

Create a backup file:

cp /var/snap/nextcloud/current/config/nginx.conf /var/snap/nextcloud/current/config/nginx.conf.bak

Fix the size:

sed -i  's/client_max_body_size.*/client_max_body_size 50G;/g' /var/snap/nextcloud/current/config/nginx.conf 


snap restart nextcloud

Try to sync again.

Ahh max body size. Yup that did! Syncing is progressing just fine now. Thanks for your quick fix Boris.

Pushed the fix to the store