Mastodon instance import issue

So glad to see it and so far posting and following works as expected. What so far is giving me an issue is trying to import a list of followers, gives an error seen i the screen shot, this is using an export from an existing mastodon as well as tried with one from debirdify which i have used successfully on the mastodon instance i regularly use.

Right, have the same issue, fixing

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Should be fixed, update please.

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Confirmed, working! Thanks!
Maybe a todo but would be good to be able to set the code of conduct and other server admin stuff too, not familiar enough with mastodon yet in the howto on that, great progress!!

Right forgot about that, you need to make yourself an admin for that I guess.
Here is how you do that: Mastodon · syncloud/platform Wiki · GitHub

Command line for now, as mastodon does not have ldap group mapping yet: [LDAP] Map Mastodon Roles to LDAP Group · Issue #15254 · mastodon/mastodon · GitHub

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