Jellyfin take media from a different folder then the specified in docs

Any way to make syncloud docker with jellyfin to take media library from an already mounted samba folder?
I have a samba folder with all the media.
I have syncloud on docker with jellyfin installed
I need to make jellyfin have access to media shared folder which is already mounted on boot time on the host machine, because I have not enough disc space in my syncloud installation to upload all media files into /data/jellyfin as specified in documentation
Thank you!

I assume you are doing this already:


Also /data is a link to /opt/disk/internal by default.

So on host if you make your movie collection appear under /storage/jellyfin it should automatically be available inside container under /data/jellyfin

Thanj you @boris ! It works! I have mounted the samba share with my media into /storage/jellyfin and now it’s working!
Thank you!