Jellyfin 10.8.8 Available

We are on 10.7.7, is there any plans to upgrade? It looks like 10.8.8 is current stable release.

yes, will need to push soon

Done please update.

Next time you can help us by changing the version and creating a pull request on github file: jellyfin/.drone.jsonnet at master · syncloud/jellyfin · GitHub

Applied update, now 502 bad gateway. Also tried a freshly imaged sd card in a Pi4, installed jellyfin and same result. Logfile sent.

sorry had to rollback the release, too much relying on automated tests that even gave me the screenshots of the new system, but still would not run in production.


It should be ok now, pushed a new version.
Can you try?

New version installed ok.
After setup and trying it out, I tried to backup the app, it did not actually backup the app (a backup for jellyfin is not available in backup/restore list) and then the jellyfin page showed bad gateway. All other app still working. After waiting 15min incase jellyfin was actually working on backup in the background I gave up and rebooted the server. Now jellyfin is again working. I won’t reattempt backup of this one app, it works, just backup does not.

Fix is coming tomorrow

It was bug in the system itself, could you update from Settings - Updates and try to backup again.

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Jellyfin and back up for jellyfin are both working. Thank you.