Errors in Pi-hole

Hi there,
there are some errors in Pi-hole:

  • when trying to save settings, “There was a problem applying your settings.
    Debugging information:
    PHP error (2): fsockopen(): Unable to connect to (Connection refused) in /snap/pihole/537/web/scripts/pi-hole/php/FTL.php:47”

  • syncloud offers an update for Pi-hole:

When trying to apply that update: “cannot refresh “pihole”: Get “”: dial tcp: lookup on read udp> read: connection refused, url:

Looks like pihole is not running or having issues on the box and I guess it is set as a primary dns on your router so it does not allow any dns to be resolved properly.

Usually you set pihole to be primary dns but also set a secondary dns to be some public dns in case pihole is not running.

Also you can try removing pihole and installing it agiain to see if that helps.