Collabora On syncloud

In the wiki you tell :

  • Install Nextcloud (Syncloud store)
    Done … Nextcloud Hub II(23.0.2)
  • Install Nextcloud Office (Nextcloud store)
    Inside the Nextcloud APP what is the precise name ?


System: 1361
Installer: 312


The application is in the APP store if i use my test installation :
But not in my domain.

On your domain can you try to refresh the page with ctrl + f5?

Nextcloud app is called “Collabora Online” sorry fixed the instruction above.

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Hi Boris,
It’s work fine on

But i don’t see the app on my custom domain. the system is ODROID HC2 …
What log file could help you?

Oh, sorry completely forgot Collabora is not available on arm 32 bit architecture that is why you cannot see it in the store. Not a Syncloud limitation: Offer an ARMv7 version · Issue #4 · CollaboraOnline/Docker-CODE · GitHub

Thanks for the reply.
I test to use the collabora server on my instance but it’s not working…

I’ll look at it later.


I think browser may not allow cross domain as it is the browser which takes a file from nextcloud and sends it to collabora server (I am not sure).
Do you get any errors in your browser dev tools (console or network)?

Hi Boris,
They have many errors in the console. Not on network .

Perhaps a bug in the NextCloud application.

I don’t know of any “collabora online” server available for testing.

Hi Boris

I think you should specify that it is not available on ARMv7
in this page de la documentation .


updated the instruction

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