Can't login to nextcloud any more

Hi Boris,

The first idea (1.) did not work, but the second (2.). I did: remove nextcloud, reactivate via webUI, installed nextcloud - now I am admin :slight_smile: worked!
Any chance to get the old users back?

Thanks a lot

Ok, probably you activated long time ago and we had some changes not properly upgraded now I remember, but the fix is easy for the next reader of this thread.

Users you have to create in Syncloud Users app and they are not covered by any backup unfortunately.

If you create additional users in Nextcloud they will be covered by Nextcloud backups (if you enable them).

I added the โ€œoldโ€ users via and nextcloud found the files, they had. Things I had to add manually: Reinstall Apps in nextcloud, reactivate shares

Thanks, everything works fine again.