BeagleBone Black, Can't build image

I’m trying to use latest base image supplied by BeageBoard AM3358 Debian 10.3 2020-04-06 1GB SD console to create an updated image that hopefully fixes the scrip that allows the SD card to be transferred to the internal memory. Since I’ve been having issue with the the OS seizing up when the SD card IO is overloaded. As described in this thread beagleboneblack - BeagleBone Black freezes - Stack Overflow.

I’ve been following the image build guide GitHub - syncloud/image: Syncloud image build scripts and created a fork GitHub - Dan2077/image: Syncloud image build scripts to include the updated image.

After installing drone cli and syncing my fork, I get stuck at step step 7
PS C:\Users\DanXC\Documents\GitHub\image> drone exec --pipeline=beagleboneblack-all-buster --trusted
2022/09/06 23:45:01 cannot find pipeline

We actually use a pretty old image for beagle bone:

I can switch it to the latest one from your link, and give your a new syncloud image, but I would like to know what exactly are you running to copy SD contents to emmc and what error are you getting, could you post a command and the output please?

Since I’ve been having issue with the the OS seizing up when the SD card IO is overloaded.

That is interesting, but we always suggest to have an additional USB disk for files so OS stays on SD and all data files go to external disk (you can activate it in Settings). Of cause having OS on emmc is even better, but if you problems are comming from a lot of data files access (ex Nextcloud has thousands of files it needs to index or so) having an external disk is always preferred as a first step.

The Syncloud BBB image is a bit all over the place with two partitions and several uEnv.txt files in boot directories. The script I’m trying to trigger with the Syncloud BBB image is at the bottom of the uEnv.txt file cmdline=init=/opt/scripts/tools/eMMC/ I took out the # at the beginning of the line and that should have got the image to copy itself to internal memory but nothing happened. I didn’t take note of any logs. When using BBB’s image, that modified line in uEnv.txt got it to copy the image over automatically.

As you suggested, I went with en external SSD for my storage but I still had issues with the process mmcqd going hard before my SSH session dropped out.

you know what I forgot that we actually have this script:

Can you try it will simply copy aal from /dev/mmcblk0 to /dev/mmcblk1
then you can take out the card and reboot as I remember