Apps no work after update

Hello, I have a problem. After updating to version 1944, I have no access to any of my apps. (502 Bad Gateway
nginx/1.20.1) update to 1951 worked but unfortunately no changes. nextcloud update doesn’t work either.
Unfortunately I can’t send the logs because the answer to the email address where the answer comes runs on roundcube. I have a second device in the network, everything is ok there.
Please help
Thank you in advance

502 Bad Gateway

Do you get this on device main UI as well or just apps?
All apps stopped working?
There is an ongoing issue with nextcloud and people fix it by disabling notifications app: Nextcloud update failure - #14 by marxistvegan
But I am not sure about Mail app (it was not updated recently).
Can you still send the logs so I can look at them?

Hello Boris
yes only all apps that I have installed.
The LOG is so long I can’t send it here
I send It to your github email adress
Thank you

Do not paste it here, on support page if you check include support we will also receive it, no need to forward or paste.

Log says you are running out of disk space:

No space left on device

/dev/root 29G 28G 0 100% /

You can check what is taking place with this command:

du -d2 -h -x / | sort -h | tail

We have this issue, which I probably do now: warn about free disk space before installing apps · Issue #678 · syncloud/platform · GitHub
But I would still advise you to get at least 128G sd card on the device if not get a device without sd and a proper ssd disk instead as the main internal memory.

Hi Boris
Thank you, it was Syncthing!
i tested the app in the past and most likely did something wrong. i deleted it and everything seems to work. thanks a lot