2FA for syncloud?

Hello together,

are there any plans to offer 2FA for syncloud.it or yourserver.syncloud.it?


We are slowly moving towards a proper SSO based on Authelia, which is currently part of the platform but only used by few apps like transmission and peertube. It is available at auth.[device domain].

Currently it is set to 1 factor auth but the plan is to explore 2fa as well in future.

It acts as an OpenID Connect Provider currently like google or github but for Syncloud apps on your device.

Is this what you are looking for or something else?

Syncloud.it and yourserver.syncloud.it are just secured by name and password. All you can do to improve security is to use a long complex password. Many websites on the internet use 2FA (authy, google, ms authenticator etc) to give you an additional layer of security. This can also be used with Bitwarden/Nextcloud on the syncloud server. In the end, I would say that I don’t care much about how something like this implemented (like authy or what you explained). But I think that it would be great to have something more than a name and password. Many people might use syncloud to store data they wish to keep save.

2fa will be there eventually where possible.