Rocket.Chat update

So messing around with Rocket.Chat Ive found the Windows/MacOS desktop apps can not connect to the current server version on Syncloud. At a minimum the desktop clients require server version 2.0 do you have plans to update Rocket.Chat?

Yes the work I am doing right now, but new version will only be available on x64 (amd/intel) and arm64 only.
Arm32 is not supported by rocket chat which leaves Syncloud H series on old 1.1.1 version.
This is because rocket chat uses mongo db which dripped 32 bit support long time ago.

Thanks for the response! So in that case, how stable is the 64bit “experimental” OS version for the Raspberry Pi 3/4? To plan a bit ahead.

Well, nevermind! Seems like the only apps available in the Pi 64bit are files and Syncthing. N