Extend Internal Memory in VMs

I cannot sign in into nextcloud app (but platform app) anymore after RocketChat installation. “Apps” do not load anymore, so I can’t remove RocketChat but there is a warning “(‘Connection aborted.’, RemoteDisconnected(‘Remote end closed connection without response’))”. Do you have an idea? I should have made a backup of my nextcloud contacts/calendar (my fault). I would need these, otherwise I could just re-setup syncloud. I can’t send logs nor check which syncloud version I have (but maybe per SSH). I’m afraid to reboot.

Sometimes I get also the error “Warning: database or disk is full”. I’m using a VM (virtual box). But I’m kind of sure that I did “Extend disk (default is only 3GB).”

Ok, it says “SATA-Port 0: syncloud-amd64-21.01.vdi (normal, 48,83 GB)”, memory is 2048 MB

However, in the syncloud app “Internal Memory” says “Boot Partition - 3G” with “extend” button…

ok, I just pressed “extend” and everything is working fine again, it shows now the 48,83 G. You might want to add this step into the wiki for “virtualbox”…

Thank you, just updated the Virtual Box instruction at Virtual Box · syncloud/platform Wiki · GitHub