Can't uninstall notes

I’ve been trying to uninstall the, now obsolete, Notes app, but I haven’t been able to. If I go into the Applications page and click on Notes I just get the spinning dots for ages, and it eventually fails, after quite some time.

First time I tried it, the entire interface seemed to go wrong, and I couldn’t get into any pages (just got the spinning dots). I rebooted the server (by unplugging it from the mains) and it all seems to work now, except for the notes page (/app?id=notes). I have since upgraded the system to 2112211182, but that hasn’t made any difference.

I’ve just sent logs, after waiting for the page to fail.

Right that is an issue: Unable to uninstall an obsolete app · Issue #623 · syncloud/platform · GitHub

Could you try removing using ssh terminal:

snap remove notes

That’s worked. Thanks.